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Activities [training] Training on Inkjet Engineering and Inkjet Chemistry
Location [training] Fribourg Switzerland
Languages [training] English
Frequency [training] 2 or 3 times per year
Contact [training]
Notes [training] A five day lab based training on all aspects of inkjet engineering and inkjet chemistry
Activities [training] For more than 15 years, we have made our expertise available by offering training in various printing techniques: screen printing, pad printing, decoration of objects in hot stamping and digital printing.
Screen and ink training
Digital training
Machine training
Tailor-made trainings
Location [training] Paris - Lyon
Languages [training] Available French, English
Frequency [training] on request
Contact [training]
Notes [training] For more info, please visit our web site
Activities [training] Screen Printing - Graphic, Textile, Narrow web
Digital Printing - Wide format inkjet
Languages [training] Available English, French, German and Spanish
Frequency [training] Customised programmes arranged to suit.
Contact [training] via local Fujifilm company
Activities [training] UV-Flexo/ Waterbased Flexo/ UV-Rotary Screen/ / UV-Offset/ UV-Varnishing/ Hotfoil Stamping/ Coldfoil Stamping.
Location [training] Training school in St Gallen, Switzerland and at customers premises.
Languages [training] Available English, & German plus others with translators.
Frequency [training] To meet customers requirements.
Contact [training] Christoph Schönenberger
t. +41 71 242 89 89
f. +41 71 242 86 86
Activities [training] Colour Management, Drop Watching, Encoders, RIPS, Ink Delivery design, Software, Inkjet Technology, Print Technology, Printheads, IoT, Data Path Electronics, Ink Delivery and Ink Supply Systems, Software development Services, Ink Delivery System design
Location [training] Cambridge or onsite
Languages [training] English
Contact [training]
Activities [training] Generally stencil preparation
Location [training] Customers' premises and Grünig showroom near Bern.
Languages [training] Available German and English
Frequency [training] 20 - 40 days a year
Contact [training] André Kreuter or Urs Hostettler
t. +41 31 734 26 16 or 12
e. or
Notes [training] Grünig does not offer standard training courses and does not provide training books. The training will be available for customers or partners according to their needs in combination with Grünig equipment.
Activities [training] ISIMAT GmbH holds regular seminars and training in the field of
Screen printing and seminars about special topics of body screen printing
- In addition to training in special screen printing machines.
- Further information on the seminars can be found on the homepage:
Location [training] Ellwangen (Germany)
Languages [training] German
English on request!
Frequency [training] Twice a year
Normally, in March and October of each year.
Contact [training] Bernd Egetemeir

phone: +49 7961 886-0
Activities [training] Intensive seminars and workshops to the following themes:
Screen Printing - 2 different types, 1 or 2 day
Screenable Adhesives - 3 different types, each 1 day
Working Safety and Environment Protection - 2 different types, each 1 day
Location [training] Training Centre, Wiesloch, Germany
Languages [training] Available German and partly English
Frequency [training] Regular German seminar program during the whole year
Contact [training] Bodo Bendschneider
t. +49 (0) 6222 578-136
f. +49 (0) 6222 578-200
e. e. Notes: For further details
Activities [training] Seminar themes: Basic screen printing - 2 days; Advanced screen printing - 2 days; Special UV-Technology- 1 day; Special four-colour-process printing -2 days; Basic Pad Printing - 1 day; Advanced pad printing - 2 days; Special colour matching seminar - 1 day; Individual seminar/customer arrangements
Location [training] Training Centre, Tamm, Germany
Languages [training] Available German or English
Frequency [training] Regular German seminar program during the whole year, short notice time.
Contact [training] Simone Schmid, Training Centre or
Marion Dolby, administration
t. +49 (0) 7141 691-162
f. +49 (0) 7141 691-169
Notes [training] A complete, detailed seminar program is currently shown on the Marabu homepage There click on "Calendar”, “Seminars”.
Activities [training] DropWatching, Waveform Development, RIPS, Inkjet Technology, Printhead Selection and Operation
Languages [training] English
Contact [training]
Activities [training] ColorManagement Trainings
Location [training] Hannover - Germany
Languages [training] English, German
Frequency [training] Monthly
Contact [training]
Activities [training] Training is essential for top performance

Screen Printing Intensive Training Course
Location [training] Thal - Switzerland
Languages [training] German, English, French, Italian
Frequency [training] 1-2 training sessions per language
Contact [training] Gabriela Franco
phone +41 71 886 34 22
Notes [training] The customer decides the location, time, subjects and scope of the training. On request, specialist seminars can also be held at your operation, using your machines and your equipment. This saves travel time and staff travel expenses.

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