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ESMA Committees

ESMA committees act as work groups to action ESMA objectives. All members and technology partners are welcome to join the committee meetings, present projects and shape the activities of our association, bringing value and benefits to the community.

There are both physical and online committee meetings organised throughout the year. For every attended physical meeting ESMA members receive a discount on their next year’s membership fee.

01 Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Committee (HSEP): Chaired by Elaine Campling from Chemical Compliance Advisory Services, the committee educates and updates members on regulations such as REACH, GHS, CLP, as well as recycling and nanotechnology legislation. Members receive support, advice and can participate in setting industry standards.
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02 Technology, Applications and Marketing Activities (TAMA): The committee, chaired by Maciej Bochajczuk from ESMA, conceptualises and develops ESMA conferences, seminars and involves members in work groups on print quality and certification.
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ESMA: Connecting the Dots of the Printing Industry

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