Sefar is a leading manufacturer of precision mesh solutions for your screen printing applications.

Samuel Wagner
Roland Drach
Roland Drach
Mugs, Pens
Ceramic Printing, Mirrors, Tile, Ceramic
Textiles, Sublimation Transfer
Membrane Switches, Flexible Circuits, Resist
Bed Sheets, Blankets, Fabric Bolt, Flags
Compact Discs, Glass, Automotive, Instruments, Gauges, Keypads, IMD, FIM, Keypads, Plastic, Labelprinting, Panel Fronts, Skis/Snow Board
Credit Cards, Loyalty, Scratch-Off Games
Posters, Posters, Multi Sheet
Training is essential for top performance

Screen Printing Intensive Training Course
Thal - Switzerland
German, English, French, Italian
1-2 training sessions per language
Gabriela Franco
phone +41 71 886 34 22
The customer decides the location, time, subjects and scope of the training. On request, specialist seminars can also be held at your operation, using your machines and your equipment. This saves travel time and staff travel expenses.
ESMA Approved Supplier
Sefar AG
Screen Printing
Hinterbissaustrasse 12
CH-9410 Heiden
+41 71 886 34 05
Commercial Contact
Wagner Samuel

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