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We are leaders in software development, user interfaces, machine control and ink system components. We deliver continuous product improvement and innovation, supporting customers in demanding production applications.

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Debbie Thorp
nadine cornwall
Debbie Thorp
Auxiliary Equipment
Digital Inks: Conductive Silver, Digital Inks: ECO Solvent-based, Digital inks: SOL-Gel (glass), Digital Inks: Solvent-based, Digital Inks: Textile, Digital Inks: UV Curable, Digital Inks: Water-based
Computers & Software, Proofing Systems, RIP Software, Color Separation
Flat Bed Presses
Aluminium Composite Panel, Banner Materials, Display Boards, Digital Printing Material, Electrostatic Media, Films for Encapsulation / Lamination, Floor Graphics, Indium Tin Oxide Conductive Film, Inkjet Media, Magnetic Material, Metallised Papers & Plastics, Metals, Outdoor Applications, Papers, Plastics, Polycarbonates / Polyesters, PVC Rigid Foam Board, Screenprinting textiles, Self Adhesive Vinyls, Spacer Tape Adhesive, Steel Composite Panel, Transfer Papers, Vehicle Graphics
Adhesives-Conductive, Adhesives-Solvent Based, Adhesives-UV, Adhesives-Water Based
Balloons, Foil, Balloons, Synthetic, Bottle Caps/Closures, Candles, Clock Faces, Watches, Compact Discs, Cosmetic Packaging, Domes, Urethane, Glass, Automotive, Glass, Banding, Glass, Curved, Glass, Hollowware, Greetings Card, Announcement, Menu, Hot Stamping, Instruments, Gauges, Keypads, IMD, FIM, Keypads, Plastic, Keypads, Silicone, Labelprinting, License Plates, Molded Parts, Nameplates, Aluminum, Nameplates, Anodized Aluminum, Nameplates, Ceramic, Nameplates, Plastic, Nameplates, Stainless Steel, Notebooks, Vinyl Binders, Book Covers, Panel Fronts, Product Coding, Product Identification, Rubber, Natural, Rubber, Silicone, Rubber, Synthetic, Rulers, Shower Curtain, Graphic, Shower Curtain, Textile, Skis/Snow Board, Sport Board Appliques/Surf Board, Sub-Surface, Dead Front, Tins, Wallpaper
Credit Cards, Loyalty, Numbering Graphics, Consecutive, Scratch-Off Games, Bank Notes, Credit Cards, Lottery/Event Tickets, Tamper Evident
Ad Specialty Graphics, Ad Specialty Textile, Buttons, Calendars, Can Coolers, Candles, Frisbees, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Note Pads, Cubes, Pens, Umbrellas
Blueprints, Carpet/Rugs, Wallpaper
Fine Art Reproduction, Serigraphs
Awards, Plaques, Trophies, Patches, Ribbons
Bags, Canvas, Bags, Nylon
Containers-Glass, Containers-Metal, Containers-Plastic, Coolers-Chest, Coolers-Jug, Drums-30 to 55 gallon size, Gaming Cloths, Glassware, Precious Metal, Glassware, Sand Blasted, Glassware, Stemware, Pails, Gallon up to 5 Gallon
Bumperstickers, Decals-Ceramic, Decals-Cut Vinyl, Decals-Heat Transfer, Decals-Pressure Sensitive, Decals-Waterslide, Domes, Urethane, Dry Transfer Rub-Off Letters, Graphics, Vehicle, Labels/Stickers, Numbering Graphics, Consecutive, Roll Labels, Web, Tattoos Temporary/Nail Art
Circuit Boards, Domes, Membrane, Electroluminescent Lamp, Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches, Flexible Circuits, Resist
Bed Sheets, Blankets, Fabric Bolt, Flags, Gaming Cloths, Linens, Pennants, Roll Goods, Rotary Cylinder, Rolls Goods, Long Bed, Tablecloths, upholstery, bath curtains, Towels, Golf/Hand/Rally, Towels-Beach/Bath, wallpaper, shower curtains, Stadium Cushions
Fleet Markings, Graphics, Vehicle, Transit Advertising
Ceramic Printing, Glass, Etch, Glass, Flat, Glassware, Precious Metal, Glassware, Sand Blasted, Glassware, Stemware, Mirrors, Plates-Collector, Plates-Dinnerware, Tile, Ceramic
Textiles, Sublimation Transfer
Boxes, Cartons, Packaging
Plastic, Acrylic, Plastic, Corrugated, Plastic, Melamine, Plastic, Polycarbonate, Plastic, Polyesters, Plastic, Polyethylene, Plastic, Polypropylene, Plastic, Polystryene, Plastic, Polyurethane, Plastic, Polyvinylchloride/PVC, Plastic, Tyvek, Plastic, Vinyl, Plastic, Vinyl, Static Cling
Displays, Exhibits, Foam Board, Graphics, Floor, POP/POS
Architectural Signage, Banners, Billboards, Wood Products
Aprons, Bandannas, Cap Panels, Textile, Caps, Hats, Visors, Children's Wear, clothing, Contract Printing, Garment, Fleecewear/Sweats, Flocking, Textile, Foils, Garment, Garment Embossing, Garment, SpecialEffects, Hard Hats, Helmets, Infantwear, Jackets, Nylon, Neckwear, Numbering, Garments, Piece Goods, Textile, Rain Gear, Silk Scarves & Ties, Sleepwear, Socks, Swimwear, Textiles, Apparel, Tie-Dye, T-Shirts, Uniforms, Athletic, Uniforms, Work
Inkjet Technology, Print Technology, Printheads, IoT, Data Path Electronics, Ink Delivery and Ink Supply Systems, Software development
Ink Delivery System design
Colour Management, Drop Watching, Encoders, RIPS, Ink Delivery design, Software, Inkjet Technology, Print Technology, Printheads, IoT, Data Path Electronics, Ink Delivery and Ink Supply Systems, Software development Services, Ink Delivery System design
Cambridge or onsite
ESMA Approved Supplier
Global Inkjet Systems Ltd
Edinburgh House
St John’s Innovation Park
Cowley Road
CB4 0DS Cambridge
+44 (0) 1223 733733
Commercial Contact
Debbie Thorp
+44 (0)1223 733733

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