ESMA General Assembly 2015: Celebrating 25 years of the association

GApressreleaseTielt-Winge, 7th April 2015 – ESMA, the European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association, celebrated its 25th anniversary during this years General Assembly held in Mallorca on March 20th with the highest member attendance on record. In 1990, ESMA was founded in the UK as an initiative of several European screen printing suppliers who recognised the need for an organisation to represent the interests and needs of all manufacturers of screen printing machines, supplies and equipment. The initial goal of ESMA was to maintain the growth and potential of screen printing.

Today 25 years later, the association is not only pushing the boundaries for screen printing in new applications and industries but the same philosophy is now also applied to digital printing to open up new possibilities. The graphics printing landscape is changing rapidly and Industrial Printing seems to be the hottest topic ever. ESMA has been the home for Industrial Printing for the last two decades with well-known conferences such as "GlassPrint", "Membrane Switch", "Advanced Functional and Industrial Printing" and in recent times also with new formats such as "Printed Interior Decoration", "The Inkjet Conference" and "Direct Container Print", all aimed at showcasing and promoting knowledge and possibilities for industrial print applications for screen, pad and digital technologies.

ESMA: Connecting the Dots of the Printing Industry

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