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Leuven, 18 June 2020 – Since 2014 TheIJC (The Inkjet Conference) continues to educate about all aspects of inkjet engineering and chemistry for industrial applications. Attended by over 500 experts and enthusiasts, the conference is now reaching record subscription numbers for its YouTube channel. With weekly new releases and thousands of views on monthly basis, TheIJC is spreading core technology know-how to an ever-increasing audience.

Printhead architecture, design options for ink delivery systems and inkjet-printed perovskite photovoltaics are among the most watched videos. Ink formulation and waveform optimisation leading to jetting reliability combined with production techniques cover all aspects of inkjet engineering and inkjet chemistry. Market applications and market knowledge explain current trends in established areas alongside blue-sky research on future potentials.  

Altogether over 80 clips, vast majority of them recorded during previous editions of TheIJC, offer high-class insights about every component of a reliable digital printing system developed for specific market challenges. The most recent releases include presentations from TheIJC 2019, to begin with the award-winning “Inkjet 3D printing: High resolution and multi-material digital manufacturing”.

From scientific papers on jetting reliability through to the latest innovations in software and hardware, TheIJC has accumulated state-of-the-art content and has established the world’s biggest inkjet platform – now also as a free video library. While many companies and research centres have called upon their employees to stay at home during the global pandemic and subsequently, they naturally turn to YouTube for both entertainment and education. Engineers, chemists, system integrators, brand owners, scientists and anybody with genuine interest for the digital shift will find learning material aplenty at

Dedicated to their educational objectives, the organisers of TheIJC are also aware how invaluable the networking has been since the inception of the event. While carefully monitoring the international guidelines, TheIJC is still on track to organise the 7th edition of the conference on 27-28 October 2020 at Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf. For the latest updates please follow

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