CORNET project “PAPERONICS” – call for partners

A new opportunity to add value to packaging is the combination of low cost technologies such as printed sensors, RFIDs and printed solar cells on paper. In this way, smart packaging with following properties can be achieved:

  • Printed sensors for temperature, humidity and touch monitor the environment of the packaging throughout the supply chain. They allow intelligent packaging functionality and consumer interaction.
  • Light emission after activation attracts customers and provides information.
  • RFID enables logging, tracking, tracing and data transfer.
  • A printed solar cell on paper provides energy and can load energy storage devices such as printed batteries and capacitors to increase the range of data transfer and store logged data for a longer time.

PAPERONICS will bring all these technologies together. The project will show the user committee the versatile possibilities that can be achieved with functional printing on fibre-based substrates that can give companies a step ahead in innovation of their products or creation of new products and entering of new markets. The companies will combine their knowledge, together with the research institutes, to create smart prototypes. In PAPERONICS four institutes (Fraunhofer IVV, TU Chemnitz, IMEC and Hasselt University) will cooperate and will bring in their partner companies. Companies and research institutes interested in partnership should contact Prof. Wim Deferme at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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