ESMA’s yearly General Assembly in March 2023 elected the new Board of Directors, chaired by Robin McMillan from Sun Chemical. Elaine Campling has been voted ESMA Honourable Ambassador.

Robin McMillan ESMA Chairman 2023 25Robin McMillan - ESMA Chairman 2023-25“I am very honoured to be elected, I follow a number of very well respected and hard working chairs and welcome the chance to emulate their tenures,” said Robin McMillan about his new role. “I have been involved with ESMA for over 20 years, initially joining the ‘Applications Committee’ with a view to spreading the know-how, skills and experience of the member suppliers to the multiple screen printing industries served by the ESMA members. Later this encompassed other printing technologies, mainly inkjet but also to a degree pad printing, flexo and other application techniques.” 

For the next two years Robin will preside over the Board of Directors consisting of Tracey Brown (Vice-Chair, Meteor Inkjet), Manuel Zuckerman (Treasurer, Fimor), Jon Bultemeyer (Marabu), Pietro Giuliani (Saati), Frens Peters (Lotus Holland), Holly Steedman (IST INTECH), Debbie Thorp (Global Inkjet Systems), Jan van Schaik (SPS Technoscreen), Axel Stuhlreiter (Ricoh), Samuel Wagner (Sefar) and Steve Wakefield (Fujifilm). 

Asked about the future of our industry, Robin McMillan answered optimistically: “Industrial and specialist printing techniques will continue to evolve and diversify. It is diversification that has enabled many print processes to remain valid today. Perhaps not always in the mainstream and visible markets, but behind the scenes they can be thriving and clearly there will be migration to digital and alternative technologies, but also the creation of new opportunities for all print methods.” 

Elaine Campling ESMA Honourable Ambassador 2023Elaine Campling - ESMA Honourable Ambassador 2023


Following annual tradition, ESMA’s General Assembly chose their new Honourable Ambassador. The title has been awarded to Elaine Campling from Chemical Compliances Advisory Services. “I am proud to have been a member of ESMA’s Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HSEP) Committee for around twenty years, and to have been the Chair of the Committee for many of those. It is difficult to put into words how proud I am to have been voted the ESMA Honourable Ambassador. The award really means a lot to me from an organisation with great standing, that continues to evolve and remains strongly focused on providing value to the membership,” commented Elaine. 

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