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Two days, each with two main presentation tracks, an additional session dedicated to the PAPERONICS project and a networking arena featuring world’s leading manufacturers – the print community is ready to meet again at the first edition of Industrial Print Integration (IPI). The conference takes place on 23-24 November 2021 at Dorint Kongresshotel in Neuss/Düsseldorf.

“Rejuvenation of packaging and decoration”, “Inkjet 3D printing”, “Transition from prototyping to production”, “Carbon footprint of inkjet”, “Functional hardcoats using nanotechnology”, “Additive processes in electronics production”, “Inkjet integration in smart factory”, “Influence of screen mesh in industrial applications” are among 40 submitted conference papers. They represent screen, inkjet as well as other industrial print processes and offer answers to today’s market’s burning questions about technology, sustainability and new business models. 

“For decades, specialist printing has been the source of industrial application solutions: Healthcare and pharmaceuticals, automotive, printed electronics, Internet of Things but also the growing success of additive techniques have established print as a manufacturing solution. The goal of Industrial Print Integration is to introduce industry partners to a world of new possibilities. We want to show the adaptability of a number of print processes from large to small, from ultra-precision to high speed, from volume production to customisation and mass customisation”, explains Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA. 

Key industry players responded enthusiastically to the opportunity of meeting physically again and networking both with peers and representatives of all relevant markets: technology users, OEMs, print service providers, brands and innovators. So far, around 40 companies booked their slot at IPI 2021, including 3M, Agfa, Arcolor, BASF, Cadis, ChemStream, CST, Encres Dubuit, Epta, Fujifilm, Global Graphics, Global Inkjet Systems, Grünig, Heraeus, i4inkjet, ImageXpert, Industrial Inkjet Consulting, Industrial Print Solutions, Inkatronic, Integration Technology, KNF, Kronos, Lambda, Marabu, Meteor Inkjet, Momentive, Notion Systems, Nur Ink, Pall, Plasmatreat, Printfactory, Pröll, Saati, Sefar, Seiko, SignTronic, SPS Technoscreen, Thieme and TNO Holst. 

More technology experts will be present at a special session discussing the outcomes of a recently concluded PAPERONICS project. University of Hasselt will take the lead in introducing the project partners, showing samples and sharing future outlook about efficient and low-cost production of printed electronics on paper and plastic substrates. You will find more about PAPERONICS here

“Last year and a half were times of trial but also a period of change and inspiring innovation. Now the moment comes to send a positive message to the world and show the resilience of our community. IPI is the place to celebrate the return of physical indusry events and showcase the versatility of printing”, concludes Peter Buttiens. 

For IPI programme details and conference registration please visit www.ipi-conference.com.

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