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Encres Dubuit launches a new innovative Ink

Encres Dubuit launches EvoJet FLUO Y and EvoJet FLUO M 1

ESMA Member, Encres Dubuit launches a range of special colours for digital UV printing: EvoJet FLUO-Y and EvoJet FLUO-M, a UV LED curable ink.

Process colour CMYK cannot replicate fluorescent colours. Encres DUBUIT is one of the first ink manufacturers to launch a fluo LED UV curing digital ink. Fluorescent yellow and fluorescent magenta can be added to CMYK images to add punch and visual presence to a project. They can be also used as spot colours. The phenomenon of fluorescence corresponds to a process of absorption of light at a certain wavelength and of an immediate re-emission at another length. As a result, the eye perceives a far more intense color.

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