i4inkjet Ltd. (https://i4inkjet.com) was founded in 2020 by Adam Strevens to continue the inkjet technology review 'Directions' and consultancy services previously offered by Mike Willis as part of Pivotal Resources Ltd.  Adam now produces the inkjet industry patent-based technology review publication called ‘Directions’, now in its 24th year, and also now offers a comprehensive, new inkjet market report. i4inkjet's consultancy projects cover inkjet technology and markets.  Both of the aforementioned publications and the consultancy cover developments in inkjet inks and hardware (printheads, printers, components and applications). A major reason for joining ESMA was its ethos of  symbiosis between its members across printing technologies. i4inkjet Ltd. is in a good position to support members interested in any of the main sector and event themes ESMA covers. We look forward to hearing from people and to being an active part of the ESMA community. 

Consultancy / Information
Inkjet Technology & Markets
Our publications are 100% inkjet-dedicated in terms of topic coverage and are as follows:

1. A Highly Informative Inkjet Technology Publication called 'Directions'.

This covers the inkjet themes of hardware (inkjet printheads; thermal & piezo mainly, inkjet system and product design & applications), inkjet inks and inkjet substrates. This is issued bimonthly on a subscription basis. For ESMA members who are new customers, we offer a 6 month starter subscription option that includes 3 issues with the option to renew thereafter.

2. A Comprehensive New Inkjet Market Report.

This covers the major inkjet printing sectors in detail (both hardware and inks). There are lots of useful tables and plots which are excellent for understanding the current and forecast status for these markets. This is an annual report with the latest version having been published in February 2021. Please email to receive a TOC.

3. Inkjet Consultancy Projects

If you are looking for an in depth, up-to-date information set and assessment regarding specific aspects of inkjet technology or a particular market that you and your teams can rely on - we can provide this. You will receive a reply to your emailed queries within 24 hours.
If you would like to arrange an inkjet training day for a group at your company please email for further information. Earliest available bookings are from January 2022 and depend on Covid-related travel restrictions at the time.
As determined by the customer
English, with ability to speak German and French at what is hopefully an intelligible level!
Frequency depends on availability but it is intended to be once/year for a given company.
i4inkjet Ltd.
Bethlehem House,
N37NT65, Co.Westmeath
+353 852569015 / +44 7807489985
Commercial Contact
Adam Strevens
+353 852569015 / +44 7807489985

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