Digital, screen and pad printing inks for industrial as well as graphic markets both in UV, UV LED and solvant based technologies

Caroline Bonnafoux
Inks: UV-curable
Colour Matching
Conductive Adhesives, Inks: Pad Printing, Inks: Conductive Silver, Inks: Dielectrics, Inks: Encapsulants, Inks: Solvent-based, Inks: Textiles, Inks: UV-curable
Screen Cleaning Products, Screen Making, Screen Printing Fabrics
Frames, Mesh, Photostencil Emulsions, Photostencil Films, Screen Cleaning Products, Screen Preparation Products, Squeegee Sharpeners, Squeegees
Colour Matching
Aluminium Composite Panel, Banner Materials, Display Boards, Digital Printing Material, Floor Graphics, Indium Tin Oxide Conductive Film, Inkjet Media, Metallised Papers and Plastics, Metals, Outdoor Applications, Papers, Plastics, Polycarbonates / Polyesters, PVC Rigid Foam Board, Textiles, Self-adhesive Vinyls, Adhesive Spacer Tapes, Steel Composite Panels, Transfer Papers, Vehicle Graphics
Ad Specialty Graphics, Calendars, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Note Pads, Cubes, Pens, Umbrellas
Corrugated Board, Paper
Caps, Hats, Visors, Children’s Wear, Garment Foils, Infantwear, Nylon Jackets, T-Shirts
Compact Discs, Glass, Automotive, Glass, Curved, Greetings Card, Announcement, Menu, Keypads, Plastic, Nameplates, Anodized Aluminum, Nameplates, Plastic, Notebooks, Vinyl Binders, Book Covers, Panel Fronts, Product Identification
Credit Cards
Fine Art Reproduction, Serigraphs
Posters, Posters, Multi Sheet, Presentation Graphics
Banners, Billboards
For more than 15 years, we have made our expertise available by offering training in various printing techniques: screen printing, pad printing, decoration of objects in hot stamping and digital printing.
Screen and ink training
Digital training
Machine training
Tailor-made trainings
Available French, English
on request
For more info, please visit our web site www.encresdubuit.com
ESMA Approved Supplier
Encres Dubuit
1 Rue Isaac Newton
Z1 Miltry Compans
F-77292 Miltry
+33 1 64 67 41 60
Commercial Contact
Caroline Bonnafoux

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