The company druckprozess GmbH & Co. KG is consultant and supplier for industrial inkjet applications. The company integrates functional and decorative inkjet technology into new or existing production processes, while fulfilling the requirements for the finished product. Due to a closer look at the whole process of inkjet printing, druckprozess bails out the full potential of this technology. The company applies on a sustainable technology, which helps to save resources like raw materials, energy and water. It is the company’s obligation to offer its clients the best available technology for their application. Therefore druckprozess acts objective and independent of manufacturers.

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Consultancy / Information
The company druckprozess GmbH & Co. KG supports industrial clients with the integration of inkjet technology in the production process. By doing this, druckprozess investigates the interaction between material, ink, pre- and post-treatment and optimizes the parameters, so the results meet the requirements of the finished product.
Furthermore druckprozess supplies printing technology, software, inks and other consumables like spare-parts and transfer paper. druckprozess offers color management and process optimization as a service, to enhance the printing result for existing installations. The company is a full-solution provider for almost any inkjet application.
druckprozess GmbH & Co. KG
Am Goldberg 2
99817 Eisenach
+49 3691 621 400
Commercial Contact
Jan Baden
+49 3691 621 400

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