IST INTECH is a market leader in UV LED and UV Lamp innovation. Founded in 2000 as an early pioneer in UV Arc solutions for inkjet printing, IST INTECH lay the groundwork for the process as we know it today, receiving a number of the earliest patents in UV LED technology’s history.

IST INTECH remains at the forefront of the digital revolution, offering the entire product gamut from standard and tailored products through to highly-specialised and bespoke solutions, all designed and manufactured in-house to meet a customer’s individual needs.

Serving several key print and industrial sectors and continuing to spearhead growth into new markets through cutting-edge UV LED technology, the IST INTECH philosophy is built on a robust knowledge base for a consultative approach, collaboration with prestigious partners, and an outstanding R&D centre, positioning the business as the UV LED solutions provider of the future.

Neil Stickland
Elizabeth Bentley
Auxiliary Equipment
Consultancy / Information
Dryers, Dryers: UV, Measuring and Testing Equipment, UV Curing Lamps, UV Varnishing Machines and Systems
Consultancy / Information
Ad Specialty Graphics, Ad Specialty Textiles, Buttons, Calendars, Can Coolers, Candles, Frisbees, Mouse Pads, Mugs, Note Pads, Cubes, Pens, Umbrellas
Ceramic Printing, Glass, Etch, Glass, Flat, Glassware, Precious Metal, Glassware, Sand Blasted, Glassware, Stemware, Mirrors, Collector Plates, Dinnerware Plates, Ceramic Tiles
(Folded) Cardboard, Corrugated Board, Paper
Cap Panels, Caps, Hats, Visors, Special Effects, Hard Hats, Helmets, Numbering
Wallpaper, Laminates, Wood
Awards, Plaques, Trophies
Bags, Canvas, Bags, Nylon
Glass Containers, Metal Containers, Plastic Containers, Chest Coolers, Jug Coolers, Drums, Glassware, Precious Metal, Glassware, Sand Blasted, Glassware, Stemware
Bumper Stickers, Ceramic Decals, Cut Vinyl Decals, Heat Transfer Decals, Pressure Sensitive Decals, Decals-Waterslide, Domes, Urethane, Vehicle Graphics, Stickers, Numbering Graphics, Consecutive, Roll Labels, Web
Circuit Boards, Domes, Membrane, Electroluminescent Lamps, Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches, Flexible Circuits, Touch Panels, Photovoltaics, Batteries, Displays, RFID and NFC, Smart textiles and Wearables
Bed Sheets, Blankets, Fabric Bolts, Flags, Linens, Tablecloths, Upholstery, Shower Curtains, Stadium Cushions
Conductive, UV
Balloons, Foil, Balloons, Synthetic, Bottle Caps / Closures, Clock Faces, Watches, Compact Discs, Cosmetic Packaging, Domes, Urethane, Glass, Automotive, Glass, Banding, Glass, Curved, Glass, Hollowware, Greetings Card, Announcement, Menu, Instruments, Gauges, Keypads, IMD, FIM, Keypads, Plastic, Keypads, Silicone, Labels, License Plates, Moulded Parts, Nameplates, Aluminum, Nameplates, Anodized Aluminum, Nameplates, Ceramic, Nameplates, Plastic, Nameplates, Stainless Steel, Notebooks, Vinyl Binders, Book Covers, Panel Fronts, Product Coding, Product Identification, Rulers, Shower Curtains, Skis / Snowboards, Sport Board Appliques / Surfboards, Tins, Wallpapers
Pharmaceuticals in general
Sensors, Diagnostic Kits
3D/Additive manufacturing in general
Loyalty Cards, Numbering Graphics, Consecutive, Scratch-off Games, Bank Notes, Credit Cards, Lottery / Event Tickets, Tamper-evident
Food in general
Automotive in general
Fine Art Reproduction, Serigraphs
Photo Prints, Posters, Posters, Multi Sheet, Presentation Graphics
Displays, Exhibits, Foam Board, Floor Graphics, POP/POS
Architectural Signage, Banners, Billboards, Back-lit Signs, Braille Signs, Engraved Signs, Fiber Embedded Signs, Luminescent Signs, Magnetic Signs, Metal Signs, Paperboard Signs, Plastic Signs, Safety Signs, Vacuum-formed Signs, Textile Banners / POP, Window Graphics / Perforated Film / One Way Vision, Wood Banners
Fleet Markings, Vehicle Graphics, Transit Advertising
UV and UV LED Curing Systems and Technology, System Design, Measurement
UV and UV LED Curing System Design Services
UV and UV LED curing overview, Product Training, System Design, Application Enhancements.
Head office or onsite
English, German, Dutch
On demand
Elizabeth Bentley
ESMA Approved Supplier
10 Wates Way
OX16 3TS, Oxfordshire
+44 1869 233611
Commercial Contact
Koen Santegoeds
+44 1869 233611

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