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The move from analog to digital textile printing takes time and knowledge. I want to help you take this step confidently. My experience allows me to take into consideration all the perspectives necessary for a successful set up. I have gained practical experience both as a Managing Director and a Production Manager of a Textile Printing factory where we successfully completed the changeover from analog to digital. Additionally this knowledge is complemented by further experience as a commercial director working for a reputable digital ink manufacturer. Having been both a user of digital technology and a supplier of digital inks I have both points of reference.

As an independent consultant I am offering my practical knowledge to textile companies which want to have a smoother and more successful changeover when introducing digital printing. I offer no products but solutions which are selected independent of manufacturer and as a result of looking at your requirements.

My goal is to help customers attain a successful running and profitable site.


ESMA Involvement

Stephan Geitel
+41 76 2983823
Stephan Geitel
+41 76 2983823
Stephan Geitel | Digital Textile Printing Consultant
Warnemünder Str. 17
14199 Berlin
+49 172 3820933
Commercial Contact
Stephan Geitel
+49 172 3820933

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