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Vicky Riding, Nazdar {Attend:value}
Karen Stretch, Global Inkjet Systems {Attend:value}
Roland Drach, SEFAR AG {Attend:value}
Jochen Christiaens, Zeller + Gmelin GmbH {Attend:value}
Jochen Christiaens, Zeller + Gmelin GmbH {Attend:value}
Klaas Schneider, Industrial Inkjet Consulting GmbH {Attend:value}
Corentin CHRETIEN, FIMOR {Attend:value}
Tracey Brown, Meteor Inkjet Ltd {Attend:value}
Mario Mertens, Marabu GmbH&CoKG {Attend:value}
Neil Stickland, Integration Technology {Attend:value}
Oliver Vetter, Gallus Ferd. Rüesch AG {Attend:value}
Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems Ltd {Attend:value}
Annalisa Colombo, Eptainks S.p.A. {Attend:value}
Oliver Kammann, K-Flow Consulting GmbH {Attend:value}
Robin McMillan, Sun Chemical {Attend:value}
Lizzie Bentley, Integration Technology Ltd {Attend:value}
Steve Wakefield, Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems Ltd {Attend:value}
Michael Mehler, Pall GmbH {Attend:value}
Nadine Cornwall, Global Inkjet Systems {Attend:value}
Marc Graindourze, Agfa {Attend:value}
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