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The world of industrial printing meets in two ESMA pavilions at drupa 2016

Leuven, 24th March 2016 – As an associated partner for functional and industrial printing, ESMA, the European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association, will showcase the expertise of their members in two pavilions at drupa 2016. With more than 550 sqm in total and filled with key market players, ESMA pavilions in hall 3 and 6 will offer a 360-degree view on print as part of the manufacturing process. The visitors will not only have the chance to experience the innovative technology on display but also seek and find professional advice from the newly appointed ESMA Expert Team.

“ESMA has become the platform for industrial, functional and speciality print. The two main print technologies, screen and inkjet have been our connection to a broad variety of market applications. The boundaries of printed decoration have been pushed to new levels in interior design, product design and functionalities for flat and 3D objects. The functional potential is growing rapidly in printed electronics and bio-medical areas. It is clear that we have stepped over the traditional printing and jumped toward the future of print as a process. Printing, the world of fluid deposition, is today an optimiser for manufacturing processes and plays an important role in the new directions chosen by the drupa show. Its slogan ‘Touch the Future’ matches everything that will be showed in two ESMA pavilions”, says Peter Buttiens, CEO of ESMA.

Expert sessions at ESMA Lounge
Every drupa visitor, coming from industrial or commercial printing field, is welcome at special sessions organised during the entire show. A team consisting of ESMA members and technology partners, all experts in their respective domains, will offer their consulting and advice free of charge to interested printers, developers and decision makers. Among the topics handled are: innovation in printing business, digital transformation and its challenges, colour management in industrial applications, the role of RIP software, digital textile printing, as well as the move from technology development to value chain. All involved experts will be available for individual or group appointments in the ESMA Lounge in hall 3.

ESMA member pavilion in hall 3
The pavilion around the ESMA Lounge is dedicated strictly to functional and industrial printing and brings together the leading global suppliers in this sector:

  • Anton Hurtz (B70-5) will present their high-quality frames for specialists in screen printing. The extensive range of standard and special aluminium profiles ensures printing frame solutions for nearly every requirement.
  • EPTA Inks (B70-3) will present their gamma of inks for applications in screen and pad printing, transfer and rotogravure.
  • ESC – Europa Siedruckmaschinen-Centrum (D70-1) will present highly specialised machines for industrial products which apply screen, pad and digital printing. Another focus during drupa will lie on the ESC-PERFECTA® IC ECOline system for automatic screen washing and reclaiming.
  • FIMOR (B70-9) will display their line of polyurethane squeegees and squeegee maintenance accessories that have been widely adopted for applications as diverse as textile, electronics, glass or graphics screen printing.
  • Global Inkjet Systems (B70-7) will present customisable user interfaces, machine control and sub-systems for inkjet machine builders. GIS electronics, variable data RIP, ink system components and application-specific software tools are directed at system builders who want to shorten their development schedules.
  • Imagico (B70-7) will present colorants and pigment dispersions for paints, printing inks, paper, textiles and other applications.
  • K-Flow (B70-2) will demonstrate their colour communication software solutions and services for screen and digital printing applications, with a strong focus on colour profiling technologies for articles and materials such as plastic, metal and glass containers, carpets and wood.
  • Kissel+Wolf (B71-1) will present innovative products for stencil making (e.g. modern photoemulsions for all graphic screen-printing jobs), resists and coatings (temporary protection of industrial and creative applications) as well as screen-printable adhesives.
  • Lotus Holland (D70-2) will show solutions for industrial, graphic and textile screen printers. Their automatic system for screen cleaning, EVO Compact, and Lotus Sheeter, the precision system for cutting rolls into sheets, will be on display.
  • Martinenghi (B70-8) will demonstrate new digital printing machine for decoration of cylindrical hollow bodies, as well as collapsible tubes in aluminium and plastic, cartridges, aerosol cans and aluminium bottles.
  • PVF (B70-4) will showcase precision fabrics and MICRON®-precision screens for technical, functional and decorative applications. These are products for fine-line requirements, decorative high-end applications and conductive, partial surface texturing and coating.
  • Saati (C72) will show all its brands: Saati Mesh and Chemicals, FOTECO Screen Chemistry and REMCO screen cleaning products, such as degreasers, adhesives, de-coating chemicals and haze removers, screen and pad cleaners.
  • Sefar (B71-2) will present the fabric ranges of SEFAR® PME and SEFAR® PCF and will demonstrate their expertise in industrial screen printing.
  • SPS (A70) will demonstrate screen printing equipment for food decoration and other special effects achievable at high operation speed. SPS’s partner ATMA will showcase latest developments in machines for conductive and technical printing.
  • Technigraf (D70-3) will show, next to their well-known exposure units, new UV and LED systems for offset, screen and digital printing. Furthermore, the complete production range of measurement equipment will be presented.
  • Ulano (B71-3) will demonstrate their CDF® Vision™ and new CDF® Vision™ Plus-18 with excellent imaging properties with sharp printing shoulders and high mechanical durability.

ESMA member pavilion in hall 6
As drupa’s strategic partner for the PEPSO (Printed Electronics Products and Solutions) concept, ESMA will showcase innovations in printing through exhibitors in hall 6:

  • Caddon (C02-3), Color Passport (C02-1) and Print-Concept Roeber (C02-2) will all give an introduction to their revolutionary colour strategy. They will show how to communicate colour in a secure way from design to production – an innovative way of colour sourcing, reproduction and quality assurance for the most complex substrates and samples.
  • ColorGATE (C02-5) will present their comprehensive portfolio from software solutions for ceramic, décor, packaging and textile production to colour measurement instruments such as the Rapid Spectro Cube.
  • Intrinsiq Materials (C02-4) will show samples and application examples of their low cost copper nanoparticle based screen print pastes and inkjet ink formulations for the printed electronics industry.
  • Teckwin (C02-7) will present their inkjet printer for industrial applications: a one button solution for corrugated box printing with stations of material adjustment, feeding, printing, curing and bending.

The updates on ESMA pavilions at drupa 2016 (31 May – 10 June), as well as the detailed agenda of ESMA expert sessions will soon be published at

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