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  1. PLENARY SESSION: Developing a modular inkjet printing system for industrial printing
    Tom Roetker, Memjet
  2. PLENARY SESSION: Challenging the way things are done
    Richard Darling, Ricoh
  3. PLENARY SESSION: Expanding the boundaries of piezo inkjet technology with very high viscosity jetting capabilities
    Nick Jackson, Xaar
  4. PLENARY SESSION: Making printhead jettability wider
    Guillaume Guinot, Seiko Instruments
  5. PLENARY SESSION: Inkjet printhead design: Approaches to modelling the complexity
    Aidan Feighan, Fujifilm Dimatix
  6. A system's approach to creating high quality output: The importance of an Image Quality System
    Steve DiLullo, Kodak
  7. Streaming print data directly to printhead electronics
    Tom Mooney, Global Graphics Software
  8. Overcoming challenges surrounding colour management in digital tile decoration through new approaches
    Jan Seguda, ColorGATE
  9. The JetFlow: Ink supply module for high-circulating printheads
    Dr Shahzad Khan, NTS Group
  10. Customising pumps for inkjet-systems: Variables to adjust performance and estimation of pump reliability for inkjet applications
    Florian Reeb, Anette Lang-Schoell, Gardner Denver Thomas
  11. Extending pump life by design
    Bryan Nathan, Diener Precision Pumps
  12. What's new in UV LED
    Alan Mills, Phoseon
  13. Has UV LED technology come of age?
    Simon Roberts, Integration Technology
  14. Understanding and optimising screeners
    Phil Collins, Global Inkjet Systems
  15. How to attract and keep the best talent in inkjet
    Dorinda Gibbons, Profile Recruitment
  16. Innovative formulation additives to improve your inkjet inks
    Peter Bene, BASF
  17. Advanced resin technologies for inkjet packaging applications
    Paul Hönen, DSM
  18. Promoting curing speed: Ideal surfactants for LED curing inkjet inks
    Dr Vedran Durasevic, Evonik
  19. A new reactive diluent for inkjet formulations? Why?
    Dr Giovanni D'Andola, BASF
  20. New type of metallic pigment and the unique mechanism to achieve excellent specularity for inkjet printing
    Masashi Fujiwara, Oike
  21. Efficient dispersion systems and their impact on digital inks processing
    Xabier Zaldua, Netzsch
  22. Metamerism in décor application: An innovative approach for single-pass inkjet
    Kazuya Yamashita, Vincent Guillaud, Toyo Ink
  23. Inks for MEMS printheads: Challenges and opportunities
    Dr Sarah Canning, Fujifilm Ink Solutions
  24. Impact on polymerization of UV DOD inks using different UV LED unit designs
    Migjen Rrahimi, Hapa
  25. Improved dye sublimation ink for textile printing and new UV-curable ink for rigid materials
    Joachim Kretschmer, Print-Rite
  26. Powerdrop: Taking pressure off the ink by jetting materials that add function
    Dr Dan Mace, Archipelago Technology
  27. Translating 3D inkjet printing to an industrial manufacturing approach for medicines
    Dr Craig Sturgess, Added Scientific
  28. Fully inkjet-printed, air stable OLEDs for signage and packaging applications
    Patrick Barkowski, Inuru
  29. Benefits and challenges of digital printing for printed electronics
    Dr Jürgen Keck, Hahn-Schickard Society
  30. The novel silver nano ink: High conductive print without heating
    Dr Tomohide Yoshida, Kao Collins
  31. Inkjet-capable resists for partial surface treatment of glass and metal
    Michael Groß, KIWO
  32. Inkjet 3D printing: High resolution and multi-material digital manufacturing
    Dr Marin Steenackers, ChemStream
  33. Aqueous pigment ink innovations for the next generation of inkjet applications
    Dr Genara Andrade, DuPont
  34. LED curable inkjet ink design: The balancing act
    Dr Pradeep Koyadan, AT Inks
  35. Formulating UV inkjet inks for a variety of industrial applications
    Rita Torfs, Agfa
  36. PLENARY SESSION: Paint the picture at full speed
    Duncan Ferguson, Epson
  37. PLENARY SESSION: Another challenge of Kyocera with a new printhead design platform
    Shin Ishikura, Kyocera
  38. PLENARY SESSION: Making the most of Konica Minolta’s compact inkjet printhead technology
    Paddy O'Hara, Industrial Inkjet / Konica Minolta
  39. PLENARY SESSION: Advantage of real through channel recirculation and compact ink recirculation system
    Erwin Kempeneers, Toshiba Tec
  40. Aqueous hybrid inkjet inks for sensitive applications
    Dr Iurii Gnatiuk, Tiger Coatings
  41. Water based inkjet for packaging and tissue: Challenges and opportunities from the ink perspective
    Matthieu Carni, Siegwerk
  42. Inkjet solutions for packaging applications
    Hugh Allen, Sun Chemical
  43. Save energy! Fast drying and cost savings without conflict
    Ralf Martin Eckert, Lambda Technology
  44. Infrared hybrid system for simultaneous multi-type drying
    Dr Larisa von Riewel, Heraeus Noblelight
  45. Optimum drying for inkjet processes
    Dr Kai K.O. Bär, Adphos
  46. Colour inspection and process management
    Stefan Bickert, Baumer Inspection
  47. Inkjet filtration application and Chinese inkjet market analysis
    Joyce Zhu, Cobetter Filtration
  48. Inkjet market update in graphics, packaging and industrial sectors
    Dr Sean Smyth, Smithers
  49. New developments in print quality characterisation: How topography analysis provides addi-tional insights in combination with ink-substrate interaction studies
    Dr Sebastian Schaubach, Dataphysics
  50. Printhead coating for use of chemical aggressive inks and binders, dissolved oxygen and total gas measurement in printing inks
    Dr Alexander Wannenwetsch, UMS
  51. Ink and waveform performance optimisation
    Kyle Pucci, ImageXpert
  52. Tips, tools and techniques for printhead waveform optimisation
    Matthew Pullen, Meteor Inkjet
  53. What are the important physico-chemical parameters when formulating inks and how to characterise and optimise them
    Dr Thomas Willers, Krüss
  54. High shear rate rheology of inkjet inks by microfluidic rheometer
    Thanina Amiar, Formulaction
  55. Particle sizing: An overview of myths and misconceptions about particle size
    Dr Wolf-Dieter Wagner, Soliton/Entegris
  56. Aerodynamics of direct-to-shape printing
    Dr Maria Cristina Rodriguez Rivero, University of Cambridge
  57. Tolerances in industrial inkjet printing of μ-electronic device components
    Kalyan Yoti Mitra, Fraunhofer ENAS
  58. Distant jetting for direct-to-shape printing
    Natalia Carrie, iPrint Institute
  59. Flow induced damage and chemistry within printing flow systems
    Dr Niamh Fox, University of Cambridge
  60. Optimising complex rheological properties of inkjet ink for ideal formulation and reliable jetting
    Dr Tri Tuladhar, Trijet
  61. Effects of ink, substrate and target line width on the line quality printed using a materials inkjet printer
    Mihir Choudhari, Rochester Institute of Technology
  62. Selective inkjet coating of PCBs with paraffin wax
    Johannes Renner, iPrint Institute
  63. Robot guided functional inkjet printing on non-planar surfaces for electronic applications
    Robert Thalheim, Fraunhofer ENAS

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