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  1. Recirculating printheads for industrial applications
    Dr Changlong Sun, Ricoh
  2. Time to stop with the inkjet evolution: Let’s get going with the real revolution
    Jason Remnant, Xaar
  3. Development of logic-based methodologies for quantitative and qualitative analysis of nozzle jetting and printhead performance 
    Shane O'Neill, Fujifilm Dimatix
  4. Considerations for inkjet printhead selection
    Shin Ishikura, Kyocera
  5. Inkjet market update and 5-year forecasts 
    `Dr Sean Smyth, Smithers Pira
  6. The best of both worlds
    Tom Mooney, Global Graphics Software
  7. Digital printing for multi-material functional components manufacturing: Printed electronics and smart 3D printing applications
    Nicolas Bernardin, Ceradrop
  8. Direct to shape printing of complex objects
    Phil Collins , Global Inkjet Systems
  9. Industrial print system design
    Florian Fässler , Polytype
  10. 2.5D-3D printing: New trends in digital surface creation with inkjet
    Thomas Kirschner , ColorGATE
  11. Latest innovation for CIS (contact image sensors) for digital print
    Dr Nikolaus Tichawa , Tichawa Vision
  12. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and process control based on defect classification
    Stefan Bickert , Baumer Inspection
  13. Inkjet printing for functional applications: From lab to fab
    Dr David Volk , Notion Systems
  14. Freedom to operate (FTO): Digital printing for textiles
    Jane List , Extract Information
  15. Future strategies for energy curing ink design
    Damian Ward , Sun Chemical
  16. Inkjet inks to colour your living space
    Dr Marc Graindourze , Agfa
  17. UV LED surface cure and low migration/low odour answers for inkjet inks
    Luc De Waele , Allnex
  18. A new combination instrument to monitor pigment size and overgrains
    Dr Thomas Benen , Microtrac
  19. Struggling to stabilise your organic pigment dispersions?
    Dr Vedran Durasevic , Evonik
  20. The winning resin technology for inkjet in packaging
    Paul Hönen , DSM Resins
  21. Inkjet printing of edible inks: Challenges for food and pharmaceutical applications
    Dr Simon Daplyn , Sensient
  22. Inkjet inks for labels and packaging
    Matthieu Carni , Siegwerk
  23. New water-based inkjet ink with polyester resin technology
    Daisuke Hamada , Kao Collins
  24. Possibilities of digital printing for exterior and interior architectural applications
    Dr Dieter Holzinger , Tiger Coatings
  25. Inkjet printing of organometal halide perovskite absorber layers for optoelectronic devices
    Florian Mathies , Helmholtz Zentrum
  26. Inkjet-printed perovskite photovoltaics: From laboratory to industry
    Dr David Forgacs , Saule Technologies
  27. Pharmaceutical inkjet printing: Dream or reality?
    Olga Kiefer , Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
  28. Mapping printhead jetting possibilities with dynamic ink properties
    Dr Mathieu Soutrenon , iPrint Institute
  29. Modelling and simulation of flow-induced damage to polymers during printing
    Dr Etienne Rognin , University of Cambridge
  30. Multi-material inkjet printing: Core element in an automated hybrid process chain for production of individual electrical microsystems
    Jessica Braun and Jan Janhsen , Fraunhofer IPA
  31. Optimising the printing image: Analysis of the ink and substrate surface properties under inkjet conditions
    Dr Martin Grüßer , Dataphysics
  32. Advantage of dissolved oxygen (DO) and total dissolved gas (TDG) measurement in the lab and online on board of the printer
    Dr Alexander Wannenwetsch, UMS
  33. Inkjet droplet measurement with laser diagnostics
    Marek Czapp, Dantec Dynamics
  34. Prediction of open nozzle times for volatile inks by meniscus motion analysis
    Johannes Renner, iPrint Institute
  35. Continuous Inkjet printing for packaging and industrial applications
    Dan Denofsky, Kodak
  36. Powerdrop: making ink stick
    Ben Brebner , Archipelago Technology
  37. New printheads from Konica Minolta
    John Corrall , Industrial Inkjet
  38. Peeling the inkjet onion: Nozzle out detection and compensation
    Jonathan Wilson, Meteor Inkjet
  39. Key success factors for inkjet integration projects
    Steffen Orth, Hapa
  40. Is this the end for spray coating?
    Clayton Sampson, Cyan Tec
  41. Designing pumps into ink supply systems
    Andreas Hauri, KNF
  42. New advances in measurement and quantification of inkjet performance
    Paul Best, ImageXpert
  43. Handling inks in inkjet systems: Main requirements for liquid pumps
    Markus Orlando, Gardner Denver Thomas
  44. Adhesion of inkjet inks: Pain or gain?
    Dr Yolanda Justo, ChemStream
  45. An inkjet head does not make a printer
    Jochem Peeters, NTS Group
  46. Breakthrough technologies for maximised UV LED output consistency and control
    Dirk Exner, Phoseon
  47. UV LED curing: Extreme precision and wavelengths below 300 nm
    Dr Tanja Bizjak-Bayer, Excelitas
  48. Hybrid UV: Is it really all UV-LED?
    Achim Herzog, Integration Technology
  49. Small and large format multipass printers: Alive and kicking with semi-industrial applications
    Holly Steedmanand Matthias Schieber, Marabu
  50. Key success factors for developing and commercialising a successful aqueous inkjet product: A specialist point of view vs. a generalist perspective
    Dr Hamid M. Shirazi, Fujifilm Inkjet Technology
  51. aNIR: Enabler for pre/post inkjet processing
    Dr Kai K.O.Bär, Adphos
  52. First experimental study using a novel device for characterising drop formation, drop substrate interaction, and waveform optimisation
    Dr Thomas Willers, Krüss
  53. PowerHeat! The power of NIR drying in the digital printing market
    Ralf Martin Eckert, Lambda Technology
  54. Inkjet analysis by light scattering in the printing gap
    Florian Bourguet, iPrint Institute
  55. Functional inkjet printing on 3D-objects
    Robert Thalheim, Fraunhofer ENAS
  56. Understanding ceramic inkjet inks for glass: Ink formulations, process rheology and print defects
    Dr Tri Tuladhar, TriModal
  57. Physical analysis of ink-radiation interaction in drying processes
    Dr Larisa von Riewel, Heraeus Noblelight
  58. How to evaluate your filtration and degassing processes for your digital inkjet ink
    Michael Mehler, Pall
  59. Filtration and particle size analysis: Why these techniques must to be utilised together
    Larry Unger, PSS/Soliton
  60. Understanding UV LED lifetime
    Dr Matthias Sachsenhauser, Hammamatsu
  61. Inks for ceramic decoration and the full digital goal
    Dr Chiara Molinari, CNR-ISTEC

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