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  1. Expanding the boundaries with continuous inkjet
    Dan Denofsky, Kodak
  2. Advanced bulk piezo ceramics technology for high performance industrial inkjet printhead
    Shin Ishikura, Kyocera 
  3. Advances in nozzle architecture design, driven by Silicon MEMS capabilities and freedoms, to deliver next generation inkjet printheads
    Shane O'Neill, Fujifilm Dimatix
  4. Thermal inkjet printhead technology for industrial print
    Craig Olbrich, HP
  5. Achieving industrial reliability with inkjet printing
    Dr Nick Campbell, Inca Digital
  6. Inkjet for high speed wallpaper applications
    Dr Veena Sarojiniamma, Industrial Inkjet
  7. How to integrate UV LED curing units in printing machines for perfect polymerisation
    Mathias Theiler, Hapa
  8. Pigments for inkjet food packaging printing
    Dr Stéphane Biry, BASF
  9. Digitising the printing process for flooring, furnishing and other functional and industrial applications
    Simon Daplyn, Sensient
  10. Ink receptive technologies: The bedrock for consistent durability in industrial inkjet systems
    Brad Riley, Lubrizol
  11. Inkjet inks for packaging: Opportunities and challenges
    Thorsten Schierle, Evonik
  12. Instantaneous and low thermal stress inkjet post-processing
    Dr Kai K.O. Bär, Adphos
  13. Size, stability and rheological analysis of dispersed particles
    Dr Bastian Arlt, Anton Paar
  14. Contact image sensors (CIS) for digital print (sheet, r2r, direct-to-shape)
    Dr Nikolaus Tichawa, Tichawa Vision
  15. Drivers and requirements for next generation digital textile inks
    Dr Hamid M. Shirazi, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants
  16. Ultrasonic production of nano-size dispersions and emulsions
    Thomas Hielscher, Hielscher Ultrasonics
  17. Inline particle size measurement with 180° DLS
    Margret Böck, Particle Metrix
  18. Image enhancement techniques
    Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems
  19. `Printing 4.0: What is the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on digital printing?
    Florian Fässler, Wifag-Polytype
  20. From printing models to practical solutions: Understanding printing speed constraints and improving image quality in real scanning printers
    Fernando Rodriguez, Meteor Inkjet
  21. Semiconductor packaging is changing due to inkjet technology
    Klaus Ruhmer, Meyer Burger
  22. The use of Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) in the development of inkjet inks
    Els Mannekens, ChemStream
  23. Novel system design for UV curing of width from 3” to 90”
    Alexander Link, Heraeus Noblelight
  24. High-speed inkjet printing process monitoring
    Raphael Schoen, Dantec Dynamics
  25. Multi-purpose picodrop dosing system for fast and easy testing of ink-substrate interactions and printing behaviour
    Dr Martin Grüßer, Dataphysics
  26. 3D jet straightness analysis by image analysis in different focal planes
    Prof. Fritz Bircher, Lionel Buzzetti, iPrint
  27. Automatic optical inspection in operation in a 2.250mm wide single pass printing line
    Thomas Franz, Baumer Inspection
  28. Controlling the destructive forces experienced by functional materials during inkjet printing
    Dr Ronan Daly, University of Cambridge
  29. Inkjet printing for control of pharmaceutical polymorphism
    Prof. Simon Gaisford, University College London 
  30. Electrostatic printing for industrial packaging: New developments in direct-to-shape beverage can printing
    Dr Philip Bentley, Tonejet 
  31. Prevention of inkjet nozzle clogging
    Dr Larry Unger, Soliton/PSS
  32. Inkjet and aerosol jet in the field of microtechnology
    Dr Kerstin Gläser, Hahn-Schickard Society 
  33. Making digital technologies accessible for textile SMEs
    Prof. Marc van Parys, TexZeppelin 
  34. Inkjet printing technology for printing functional layers
    Enrico Sowade, Chemnitz University of Technology
  35. Widening the window: Powerdrop’s approach to opening up inkjet
    Dr Dan Mace, Archipelago Technology
  36. Open the window wider with RC1536-L
    Yoshinori Domae, Seiko Instruments
  37. New print mode developments for high productivity and laydown using Xaar printheads
    Angus Condie, Xaar
  38. An Introduction to high speed inkjet print inspection and verification
    Pete Sirett, Lake Image Systems
  39. Avoiding the orange peel
    Martin Bailey, Global Graphics Software
  40. Digital coatings: Markets and technologies
    Rob Day, TTP
  41. Industrial inkjet printing solutions from the perspective of the ink design
    Dr Marc Graindourze, AGFA
  42. Contactless cleaning of printhead
    Dr Shahzad Khan, NTS Group
  43. The triple challenge: Inkjet, pigment and textiles
    Helmuth Haas, CHT R. Beitlich
  44. Filtration, degassing and oxygen measurement technologies for inkjet printing applications
    Michael Mehler, Pall
  45. Advantage of DO-measurement in the lab and online on board of the printer
    Dr Alexander Wannenwetsch, UMS 
  46. Inkjet ink for printing on flexible packaging
    Frank de Jonge, Armor Industrial Inks 
  47. Brand colour communication in digital printing workflows
    Gerrit Andre, ColorGATE
  48. Recent experimental advances in characterising inks and substrates optimising inkjet processes and ink adhesion
    Dr Thomas Willers, Krüss
  49. NIR drying in high-performance inkjet printing
    Ralf Martin Eckertaker, Lambda Technology
  50. LED-boosters and waterborne UV resins: Solutions for next generation inkjet inks
    Dr Kevin Poelmans, Allnex
  51. The evolution of UV-LED curing: Where next?
    Achim Herzog, Integration Technology
  52. How big data may be applied to digital print industry
    Julien Bussi, Caldera
  53. Optimising the manufacturing process of bulk digital ink
    David Ridealgh, Amazon Filters
  54. Reducing bubble formation in inks: Membrane contactor design and process considerations
    Norbert Selzer, 3M
  55. Eco-friendly roll-to-roll solution for digital pigment printing on textiles
    Dr Michael Korger, Joachim Rees, University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein 
  56. Understanding UV output
    Dirk Exner, Phoseon
  57. Inkjet ink characterisation
    Paul Best, ImageXpert
  58. Inkjet texturing for effective surface embossing
    Giorgio Macor, Kuei
  59. Advances in water based ink solutions
    Daisuke Hamada, Kao Collins
  60. Inkjet waveform optimisation by meniscus motion analysis
    Johannes Renner, iPrint
  61. Revolution of T-shirt printing
    Jesse Martinez, Matsui
  62. Experimental set-up to investigate forces and airflows on inkjet droplets
    Dr Cristina Rodriguez-Rivero, University of Cambridge

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