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  1. drupa 2016 – post show industry & technology trends
    Sabine Geldermann, drupa
  2. Inkjet market developments in print and packaging
    Sean Smyth, Smithers Pira
  3. Variable data in industrial inkjet printing
    Florian Fässler, Polytype
  4. Inkjet developments and solutions for food and pharma packaging
    Lawrence Gamblin, Kao Collins
  5. Improving surface cure with UVC LEDs
    Dr Tanja Bizjak, Excelitas Technologies
  6. Inkjet solutions for in-line packaging
    Paddy O’Hara, Industrial Inkjet
  7. Providing the durable and robust SiMEMS products needed for the industrial digital printing marketplace
    Shane O'Neill, Fujifilm Dimatix
  8. Increasing efficiency of UV-LED curing systems
    Achim Herzog, Integration Technology
  9. Ejecting high-performance materials: Archipelago Technology’s Powerdrop print engine
    Guy Newcombe, Archipelago Technology Group
  10. Resists & more – industrial processes with inkjet printable resists
    Michael Gross, KIWO
  11. Performance and energy saving with air-cooled UV curing technologies
    David Lyus, GEW
  12. Trying to overcome the misleading and misunderstanding of drying in inkjet processes
    Dr Kai K.O. Bär, Adphos
  13. The MEMS Rethink
    Dr Barry McGregor, Fujifilm Speciality Inks
  14. Colour measurement technology
    Markus Barbieri, Barbieri Electronic
  15. Will the next generation printheads have glass nozzles plates and what could the impact be on accuracy, reliability and printhead life
    Dr Roman Ostholt, LPKF
  16. Data-driven development of inkjet formulations using design of experiments
    Veerle Goossens, ChemStream
  17. Know your workflow – impact of input settings on the output colour
    Gerrit Andre, ColorGATE
  18. Upcoming trends in digital technologies for textile
    Prof. Marc Van Parys, TexZeppelin
  19. Benefits of using pigment inks for textile printing: commercial, environmental and economical
    Thomas Poetz, Velvet Jet
  20. Fastness and Disperse Printing
    Will van Daal, Huntsman
  21. Nano-pigment dispersions for industrial inkjet systems
    Dr Joseph E. Ward, RJA Dispersions
  22. Understanding particle size requirements and limitations for inkjet printing in different industry sectors
    Santiago Requena, Netzsch/Malvern Instruments
  23. An analysis of different ink recirculation architectures and their benefits
    Angus Condie, Xaar
  24. Software is as important a component as any hardware
    Martin Bailey, Global Graphics Software
  25. Process monitoring of single pass printing by wide format image inspection
    Thomas Franz, Baumer Inspection
  26. The wide operating range printhead RC1536
    Yoshinori Domae, Seiko Instruments
  27. Precise UV LED Irradiance control for improved process stability and repeatability
    David Richards, Phoseon
  28. 10 things you should know about patents
    Jane List, Extract Information
  29. ‘JetBar’ – An integrated module for printhead alignment and nozzle inspection
    Dr Shahzad Khan, NTS Group
  30. Does the advent of high performance printheads mean more headaches for integrators and end users?
    Jason Remnant, Xaar
  31. Kodak Ultrastream Technology expands production inkjet into new applications
    Dan Denofsky, Kodak
  32. Diaphragm pumps – the excellent choice for inkjet printers
    Andreas Hauri, KNF
  33. Ink delivery systems – design options and troubleshooting
    Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems
  34. Inkjet inks for industrial applications
    Dr Marc Graindourze, Agfa
  35. Newly developed UV-curable inkjet technology for digital inkjet press “Accurio Jet KM-1”
    Kenji Mawatari, Konica Minolta
  36. The Digital Front End
    Jonathan Wilson, TTP Meteor
  37. Printhead controller boards for inkjet printheads and their role in the printing process
    Aleksander Bespalov, DPS Innovations
  38. Advancements in technologies for controlling pigment size and further properties
    Dr Thomas Benen, Microtrac
  39. Future trends in inkjet paper: Waterbased inkjet mainstream in every market segment
    Jan Rops, Crown Van Gelder
  40. Increasing drop watching efficiency
    Johannes Renner, iPrint Institute
  41. Inkjet market developments in print and packaging
    Sean Smyth, Smithers Pira
  42. Impact of a substrate's surface free energy on adhesion and polymerisation of UV DOD inks
    Mathias Theiler, Hapa
  43. Ink-substrate-process-interaction: the holistic approach for industrial projects
    Roland Visotschnig, Marabu
  44. What makes a successful aqueous ink: Some of the benefits and challenges of digital printing for industrial inkjet applications
    Dr Hamid M. Shirazi, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants
  45. Crossflow Filtration for inkjet ink fluids and the toolbox for inkjet ink formulation
    Michael Mehler, Pall
  46. Collaboration of new screen print and Digiace inkjet print
    Jake Melcher, Matsui
  47. Particle Size and Stability measurement in Ink
    Dr Daniel Hagmeyer, Particle Metrix
  48. Optimising print process factors for Aquacure™ inks
    Dr Mark Bale, Sun Chemical
  49. Organic colorants for digital printing: Introduction and recent trends
    Dr Rüdiger Baur, Clariant
  50. Practical issues in the design of single pass industrial inkjet printers
    Dr Nick Campbell, Inca Digital
  51. 7-Colour eXpanded gamut (XG) reproduction using CMYK+RGB colorants
    Matthew Bernasconi, STS Inks/Opaltone
  52. Sinter-free hybrid metal-polymer inks for printed and flexible electronics
    Dr Tobias Kraus, Leibniz Institute for New Materials
  53. Synthesis of particles inks for inkjet printing of microelectronic components
    Dr Marco Fritsch, Fraunhofer IKTS

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