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49 presentations presented during TheIJC 2015 Conference
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  1. Towards an agreed standard method for inkjet drop measurements
    Dr Steve Hoath, University of Cambridge
  2. Using Machine Vision to Accelerate Inkjet Development
    Kyle Pucci, ImageXpert
  3. New Print Head RC1536 for High Productivity and Wide Operating
    Yoshinori Domae, Seiko Instruments
  4. Hybrid UV – What, Why, Where and When
    Richard Hulme, SunChemical
  5. MEMS Printheads: Unlocking the Potential
    Clive Ayling, TTP meteor Ltd
  6. Using SolGel PZT to Jet Inkjet Printhead Actuators
    Atsushi Takeuchi, Ricoh
  7. Fabric preparation and the effects on colors and fastness
    Willem van Daal, Huntsman
  8. Color Process Control should be transparent
    Arnaud Fabre, Caldera
  9. Silicon MEMS – Is This the End for the Traditional MEMS Printhead?
    Jason Remnant, Xaar
  10. Optimizing ink formulations to meet customized end user requirements
    Frank De Voeght, Chemstream
  11. Colour management is not enough: achieving maximum inkjet quality with screening
    Martin Bailey, Global Graphics
  12. Enabling Integrators to Meet the Challenges in Industrial Inkjet Printing Applications
    Shane O’Neill, Fujifilm Dimatix
  13. Next Generation of the colorant
    Kazumi Kawakami, Matsui
  14. Transforming system reliability: the role of electrical charge
    Guy Newcombe, Archipelago Technology Group
  15. Low Cost Copper-based Conductive Inkjet Ink for Printed Electronics
    Dr Ian E Clark, Intrinsiq Materials
  16. Inkjet Ink Filtration - Process Overview and Filtration in the Lab
    Michael Mehler, Pall
  17. Welting, setting and fixation mechanisms of Ink-Jet dryer and how dryer can substantially effect print quality and performance
    Michael Schumann / Dr Kai K.O. Bär, Adphos
  18. Ceramic inks: strongholds and challenges of inkjet printing on ceramic tiles
    Michael Dondi, CNR-ISTEC
  19. Special aspects and considerations for UV curing of inkjet printed packaging containers
    Dirk Exner, Phoseon
  20. Why the next 10 Years of Industrial Inkjet Developments Will Outshine the Last 10!
    Holly Steedman, Indujet
  21. Printhead Calibration Using Vision
    Dr Shahzad Khan, NTS Group
  22. A new dawn for digital; high speed, high volume materials deposition
    Dr Alan Hudd, Alchemie
  23. Real-time Process Monitoring of DoD Inkjet Systems by Overlaid Imaging
    Johannes Renner, iPrint Institute
  24. Controlling pigment properties for optimal inkjet results
    Thomas Benen, Microtrac GmbH
  25. Inkjet LED Masterbatches for Industrial Ink Manufacturing
    Deepak Gupta, Imagico India
  26. INTRO iPrint Institute
    Prof. Fritz Bircher, iPrint Institute
  27. Improving Image Quality
    Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems
  28. Unleash the Power of Aqueous Inkjet Printing
    Douglas Bugner, Kodak
  29. New trends and technologies in digital textile printing
    Tim Phillips, Sensient Technologies
  30. New approaches to manage colors in industrial printing applications
    Thomas Kirschner, ColorGate
  31. Electrostatic Jetting: A Holistic Ink, Printhead and System Approach
    Dr Jonathan Halls, Tonejet Ltd
  32. “Life of an Inkjet Drop” and Benefits of RxDTM Reactive Dispersant Technology
    Dr Hamid M. Shirazi, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants
  33. Unlocking the potential of inkjet and truly digital production with efficient software workflow
    Raimar Kuhnen-Burger, EFI
  34. Development of New Inkjet Head Applying MEMS Technology and Thin Film Actuator
    Kenji Mawatari, Konica Minolta
  35. Inkjet ink formulations in relation to industrial applications
    Marc Graindourze, Agfa Graphics
  36. Embedded Software for Imaging - The Data Pump - Licensed IP blocks
    James Ogden, Digital Direct Technologies Ltd
  37. Effect of waveform and ink for direct product decoration by ink jet
    Veena Sarojiniamma, Industrial Inkjet/Konica Minolta
  38. Made to measure! Characterising and optimising particle size for Inkjet applications
    Anne Virden, Malvern Instruments Ltd
  39. Atomic force microscopy and conductivity analysis of inkjet printed electrode structures
    Prof. Dr Silvia Schintke, COMATEC-LANS
  40. The change from wet to dry: digital coating-finishing technologies
    Prof. Dr. Marc Van Parys, University College Gent, Belgium
  41. UV LED Systems enable efficient curing of non-linear surfaces
    Tanja Bizjak, Excelitas Technologies
  42. Functionalised magnetite nanoparticles as platform for magnetic inks
    Dr Olimpia Mamula Steiner, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
  43. High-resolution inkjet printing for touch panel applications
    Pit Teunissen, Ying Shen, Joost Valeton, Dave Hui, Werner Zapka, Wolfgang Voit, Maik Mueller, Wouter Brok, Jeroen van den Brand, Holst Centre – TNO, University of Utrecht,
    Roth&Rau, DuPont Microcircuit Materials, XaarJet AB Sweden
  44. Understanding color
    Bart Van Tigchelt, Color Passport
  45. How to Achieve Complete Polymerisation of UV Inks?
    Mathias Theiler, Hapa Ink
  46. What you really need to know when specifying and selecting a UV LED system
    Achim Herzog, Integration Technology Ltd.
  47. Will inkjet-printed electronics be as ubiquitous as graphics? Use-cases towards Radio-Frequency Applications
    Christophe Mercier, Ardeje
  48. Going hell-for-leather to meet industrial printing requirements
    Barry McGregor, Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems Ltd
  49. The shared future of mercury arc and LED UV curing technologies
    David Lyus, GEW

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