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34 presentations presented during TheIJC USA 2019 Conference
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  1. The challenges of enabling and maintaining digital print quality
    Jason Remnant, Xaar 
  2. Integration considerations for inkjet modules
    Graham Vlcek, Industrial Inkjet
  3. High speed inkjet printing: A system integration perspective
    Dr Shahzad Khan, NTS Group 
  4. In pursuit of the perfect print: Nozzle out detection and compensation
    Jonathan Wilson, Meteor Inkjet 
  5. Color management software for industrial color printing
    Thomas Kirschner, ColorGATE 
  6. Inkjet in coatings and complex shapes: Technologies and processes
    Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems 
  7. Controlling high standoff defects in inkjet
    James Gill, Fujifilm Dimatix 
  8. A systems approach to creating high quality output: The importance of an Image Quality System (IQS)
    Joshua Howard, Kodak 
  9. Has inkjet really achieved offset quality?
    Martin Bailey, Global Graphics 
  10. Advances in direct-to-shape printing
    Prof. Fritz Bircher, iPrint 
  11. Microscale liquid engineering: New materials and new challenges
    Dr Ronan Daly, University of Cambridge
  12. High shear viscosity measurements for real condition application of inks and coatings
    Dr Matt Vanden Eynden, Formulaction 
  13. Is it really all UV LED? Hybrid curing solutions for digital printing and decoration
    Adrian Lockwood, Integration Technology 
  14. Using high performance colorant dispersions to create opportunities for aqueous inkjet applications
    Dr Hamid Shirazi, Fujifilm Inkjet Technology 
  15. Expanding the horizon with the next generation LED curing systems
    Joe Becker, Phoseon 
  16. aNIR for improved printing speed, enhanced print quality and less production costs
    Dr Kai K.O. Bär, Adphos 
  17. How to extend the color gamut and improve the color transition
    Tom Lin, Encres Dubuit
  18. The winning resin technology for inkjet in packaging
    Paul Hönen, DSM 
  19. Vinyl Methyl Oxazolidinone: A new reactive diluent for UV curable inks and coatings
    Dr Nikolas Kaprinidis, BASF 
  20. Handling inks in inkjet systems: Main requirements for liquid pumps
    Markus Orlando, Gardner Denver Thomas 
  21. First experimental study using a novel device for characterizing drop formation, drop substrate interaction, and waveform optimization
    Dr Raymond Sanedrin, Krüss 
  22. Filtration for inkjet ink
    Hayato Takaoka, ROKI S&S
  23. AWA Session: Global label and product decoration market
    Corey Reardon, AWA 
  24. AWA Session: Direct to container inkjet printing
    Mike Soloway, Krones 
  25. AWA Session: Conventional and inkjet printing trends and developments
    Kerstin Höhn, Gallus-Heidelberg
  26. AWA Session: Crystal: The development of a photopolymer based additive printing process
    Anthony Carignano, ACTEGA
  27. AWA Session: Inkjet application development progressing for shrink
    Raymond Dickinson, Mark Andy
  28. Optimising complex rheological properties of inkjet inks for reliable jetting
    Tri Tuladhar, Trijet / University of Oxford
  29. Quantitative stability analysis for ink and pigment formulations
    Dr Matt Vanden Eynden, Formulaction
  30. Industrial inkjet printing from the inkjet ink perspective
    Dr Marc Graindourze, Agfa
  31. Impact on polymerization of UV DOD inks using different UV LED unit designs
    Mathias Theiler, Hapa
  32. Ink and waveform performance optimization
    Chintan Dagli, ImageXpert
  33. Urethane acrylate design for low viscosity, energy curable inkjet ink applications
    Dr Jo Ann Arceneaux, Allnex
  34. Partnering with inkjet OEMs on new product development and providing integrated modules for their machines
    Colin Rademacher, Bürkert 

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