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42 presentations presented during TheIJC USA 2018 Conference
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  1. Kodak technology advancements: Expanding the boundaries of digital print
    Dan Denofsky, Kodak
  2. Techniques for controlling small drops with a large stand off
    James Gill, Fujifilm Dimatix 
  3. Printhead adapted for ink circulation and its potential with inks with high dose of large and/or heavy particlesPrinthead adapted for ink circulation and its potential with inks with high dose of large and/or heavy particles
    Masao Tachibana, Seiko Instruments
  4. Latest advances in Silicon MEMS printhead technologies
    Jason Remnant, Xaar
  5. An overview of the drivers for the successful adoption of digital print to-date and an outlook of the parameters required for future adoption from a printhead perspective
    John Harman, Hiroshi Nishimura, Ricoh
  6. How big data may be applied to digital print industry
    Julien Bussi, Caldera
  7. Image enhancement techniques
    Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems
  8. Avoiding the orange peel
    Martin Bailey, Global Graphics Software
  9. Diaphragm pumps – the preferred choice for ink supply systems
    Andreas Hauri, KNF
  10. Brand color communication in digital printing workflows
    Gerrit Andre, ColorGATE
  11. Complex engineering for complex challenges: Stepping up inkjet consistency and reliability
    Jonathan Wilson, Meteor Inkjet
  12. Plasma pretreatment solutions for inkjet printing applications
    Jeff Leighty, Plasmatreat
  13. Memjet DuraLink: A systems approach to improving print quality in page wide print arrays
    Thomas Roetker, Memjet
  14. Integration of optimized UV LED curing unit for perfect ink polymerization
    Mathias Theiler, Hapa
  15. Industrial inkjet printing solutions from the perspective of the ink design
    Dr Marc Graindourze, Agfa
  16. Characterizing UV LED output
    Terry Quinn, Phoseon
  17. Aqueous ink solutions for digitally printed packaging
    Brian Fauber, Sun Chemical
  18. UV LED: The future?
    Adrian Lockwood, Integration Technology
  19. High speed inkjet imprinting
    Dr Barry McGregor, Fujifilm Inkjet Technology
  20. Advances in water-based ink solutions
    Daisuke Hamada, Kao Collins
  21. aNIR technology – an enhancer for inkjet post-processing
    Dr Kai K.O. Bär, Adphos
  22. Inkjet ink and waveform optimization
    Paul Best, ImageXpert
  23. Leveraging application knowledge and analog ink experience to develop high performance inkjet inks
    Sean Kelly, Marabu
  24. Reducing bubble formation in inks: Membrane contactor design and process considerations
    Amit Sengupta, 3M
  25. How innovation of inkjet fluids opens up new opportunities?
    Dr Dev Sarma, Inkjet, Inc.
  26. Drivers and requirements for next generation digital textile inks
    Dr Hamid M. Shirazi, Fujifilm Inkjet Technology
  27. Integrating high speed inkjet writing systems onto web presses
    John Sillies, Graphic System Services
  28. Considerations for integrating inkjet into applications: A practical conversation
    Graham Vlcek, Industrial Inkjet
  29. The JetFab: Fully autonomous industrial scale inkjet platform for (pre-)production application and R&D
    Dr Shahzad Khan, NTS Group
  30. Digital materials: A combination of inkjet and stereolithography
    Sonja Baumgartner, TU Vienna
  31. Inkjet waveform optimization by meniscus motion analysis
    Johannes Renner, iPrint
  32. Ultra-high speed inkjet droplet measurement and monitoring with laser diagnostics
    Dr Hua Wang, Dantec Dynamics
  33. New angle for printing: Inkjet into fluid surfaces
    Dr Ronan Daly, University of Cambridge
  34. Digital plugin for the textile factory of the future
    Prof. Marc Van Parys, TexZeppelin/Unitex
  35. The future and advances of nano pigment technology
    Jesse Martinez, Matsui
  36. Optimizing the manufacturing process of bulk digital ink
    David Ridealgh, Amazon Filters
  37. Solutions for next generation inkjet inks: Waterborne UV and UV LED boosters
    Dr Jo Ann Arceneaux, Allnex
  38. Inkjet for functional and aesthetics surface texturing
    Giorgio Macor, Kuei
  39. Recent experimental advances in characterizing inks and substrates optimizing inkjet processes and ink adhesion
    Dr Raymond Sanedrin, Krüss
  40. Ink filtration ‘at the printhead’
    Dr Mozamal Nazir, Porvair
  41. Advantage of DO-measurement in the lab and online on board of the printer
    Dr Alexander Wannewetsch, UMS
  42. From capture to print: Closing the loop from surface capture to any printing process
    Rob Lawrence, Metis

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