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  1. KEYNOTE: Global trends and how they shape the packaging requirements of the brand owner
    Ger Standhardt, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre
  2. Can digital direct printing spice-up your brands? Here is how!
    Jean-Marc Moriggia, Polytype
  3. Direct printing with a scalable easy to use system for screen printing
    Dr Bernhard Fritsche, Gallus
  4. Inkjet printing onto spheres
    Debbie Thorp,Global Inkjet Systems
  5. KEYNOTE: Direct digital print: Threat or opportunity for the label industry?
    Noel Mitchell, Alexander Watson Associates
  6. UV print as a tool for prototype printing and industrial production
    Marcel Köcher, Mimaki
  7. What you need to know when specifying a UV-LED system
    Koen Santegoeds, Integration Technology
  8. The importance of inkjet inks in direct to container applications
    Phil Jackman, SunChemical
  9. KEYNOTE: Direct container decoration: Business cases regarding current technologies, applications and challenges
    Jochen Christiaens and Oliver Kammann, ESMA Expert Team
  10. Brand colour management: Meeting customer requirements and expectations
    Gerrit Andre, ColorGATE
  11. Requirements for “low-migration” screen printing inks for food packaging
    Dirk Friedrich and David Turner, Marabu
  12. ServoJet approach to direct container decoration with inkjet process
    Vittorio Ferrari, OMSO
  13. Label and Safety Data Sheet: Important information for workers‘ safety
    Gabriele Heller, ESMA Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Committee
  14. 4D printing: Challenges and solutions for the digital printing on three-dimensional objects
    Bobby Kleinveld, Heidelberg
  15. KEYNOTE: Direct container printing opportunities for future growth across pharma and other packaging
    Chris Waterhouse, iDiPac
  16. Contact Image Sensors (CIS) for digital direct-to-shape print
    Dr Nikolaus Tichawa, Tichawa Vision
  17. Late stage customisation: Zero lead time, zero material waste and mass customisation
    Peter Schkoda, HAPA
  18. INX integrated approach to 3D containers print
    Marco Zanella, INX Digital

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