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25 presentations presented during AFIP 2019 Conference
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  1. KEYNOTE: Fine line printing of functional inks for automotive applications
    Prof. Tim Claypole (bio) | Swansea University
  2. Inks for smart surfaces and in-mould electronics
    Dr Fabian Gyger (bio) | Elantas
  3. Inkjet in coatings and complex shapes: Technologies and processes
    Debbie Thorp (bio) | GIS
  4. High resolution silk screen print form imaging for exacting applications
    Dr Gérard Rich (bio) | Lüscher
  5. Make printhead jettability wider
    Yoshinori Domae (bio) | Seiko
  6. Advanced screen printing mesh in an industrial environment
    Patrick Brunner (bio) | Sefar
  7. KEYNOTE: Goodbye, membrane keyboard?
    Martin Gehrig (bio) | Hoffmann+Krippner
  8. aNIR-enabler for advanced functional printing applications
    Dr Kai Bär (bio) | Adphos
  9. The screen imaging process with different technologies for different applications
    Oliver Leven (bio) | CST
  10. Automotive 2.0: From analogue dial to display and from plastic to cooltouch
    Claudia Bauer (bio), Markus Rodrigo | Marabu (bio)
  11. Simplify screen printing: The importance of a perfect screen
    Andreas Ferndriger (bio) | Grünig/SignTronic
  12. KEYNOTE: Radiopaque 3D printing of patient specific phantoms: An inkjet application for patient safety in radiology and radiation therapy
    Dr Paul Jahnke (bio) | PhantomX
  13. KEYNOTE: Inkjet printing: Drawing its success story in electronic and bio-printing fields
    Jérôme Mouly (bio) | Yole Développement
  14. IMD/FIM screen printing inks, adhesion promoters and protective lacquers for film insert molding technology
    Dr Hans-Peter Erfurt (bio) | Proell
  15. Advanced finishing solutions: A new era for market interaction
    Germano Primi (bio) | Eptanova
  16. How printed electronics is serving your everyday life?
    Vincent Carniato (bio) | VFP
  17. Digital fabrication of flexible electronics
    Dr Fernando Cortes Salazar (bio) | Agfa
  18. Mesh beyond the state-of-the-art
    Peter Fleischer (bio) | PVF
  19. From 2D to 3D printed electronics: Two industrial approaches for integrating electronics in 3D objects
    Claudia Delgado Simao (bio) | Eurecat
  20. Waveforms for industrial inkjet printheads
    Matthew Pullen (bio) | Meteor Inkjet
  21. Exentis 3D Mass Customization®: True industrialized additive manufacturing
    Srdan Vasic (bio) | Industrial Print Solutions / Exentis
  22. KEYNOTE: How to utilise printed inks and electronics in healthcare – a case study
    Jesper Hassel (bio) | Mevia
  23. PowerHeat! The power of NIR drying in the functional printing
    Ralf Martin Eckert (bio) | Lambda Technology
  24. Precise warp determination and measurement on silk screen sieves. Thread counting vs. mesh measurement
    Jürgen Brag (bio) | OSIF
  25. Advancements in inkjet technology for material deposition for research and manufacturing
    Scott Liniger (bio) | Matthews International

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