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SPS Technoscreen introduces cold foil technology in combination with screen printing

Cold foil in line by SPS TechnoscreenCold foil in line by SPS TechnoscreenCold foil as a technology has already proven itself in combination with both offset and flexographic printing. The cold foil application works simple and precise. A special varnish or glue is printed using traditional screen printing technology. After printing, a pre-cure by LED UV improves the adhesion of the varnish. Then the cold foil is applied by means of two rubberised rollers on top of a large size diameter cylinder drum. The foil remains on the printed area and the rest is stripped away. A final LED UV curing finishes the product.

The SPS cold foil unit is placed in-line with an automatic SPS STOP cylinder screen printing machine. The cold foil unit starts with a fold-down transport belt segment in order to keep full and unrestricted access to the screen printing machine. Sheets are transported out of the screen printing machine directly into the cold foil unit. Activation/deactivation is automatically synchronised with the printing machine.

As many as 5 different rolls of foil can be loaded in the machine at the same time. The minimum roll width is about 200 mm. The unit is equipped with LED UV for pre- and post-curing. The LED UV units are water-cooled. The special effect of embossing can be achieved by printing a high-built varnish on which the foil is applied. Fine details can be achieved as well as large surfaces. All depends on the printed image. The unit works within a speed range of 800 to 3.000 iph.

In addition to cold foil, the unit can also be used for cast & cure. The cast & cure process is performed by laminating the casting film to a wet UV varnish. While these two surfaces are in contact, LED UV light is passed through the film to cure the varnish underneath the film. Then the film is delaminated from the surface and rewound for future use. The film can be reused up to 5 times. Casting film is available in a wide range of effects.

The cold foil and cast & cure application is a great opportunity for print finishers to widen their product portfolio.

SPS invites all interested in their new solutions for an Open House between 18th and 27th July 2018. To register your visit please follow

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