The Inkjet Conference – Why does it draw such a large crowd?

the IJCAlready 35 presentations are confirmed for TheIJC 2015, including six head manufacturers.

Inkjet as a manufacturing technology was enabled by a new generation of printheads. The improved reliability and nozzle density enabled single pass inkjet printing. This was only part of the puzzle: inks, electronics, software and integration know-how have all had to evolve to match the challenges. Businesses adopting digital production have had to adopt their business model to take advantage of the digital production process. Nowadays, production volumes for manufacturing with inkjet can be up to 10,000m²/h with the associated challenges of workflow and administration.

This change has taken place in the past five to seven years and has led to a high demand for current and up to date information. The Inkjet Conference has filled this demand by bringing together leading industry and academic players for a technical and educational conference on inkjet technology and inkjet ink.

The Inkjet Conference creates a meeting point for many different industries and market sectors exploring the latest technology and observing how the technology is being adopted in different applications.

“The adoption of inkjet technology takes several steps – from the development of core printhead and ink technology, through proof of application, prototyping, and equipment development before market adoption. Some inkjet markets are mature with second and third generation equipment, others are just beginning to experiment and combine inkjet with digital processes.” – says Steve Knight from Digital Direct Technologies, a Technology Partner of ESMA and co-founder of The Inkjet Conference.

Meet C-level and VP-level industry executives from ceramics, textiles, glass, document printing, packaging, graphics, as well as the leading technology partners from both hardware software and ink manufactures. Meet leading academics and our scientific board to understand the applied research activities for the future. Inkjet is becoming the manufacturing technology of today. The Inkjet Conference is where we meet.

Book now your conference ticket and gain access to all TheIJC presentations from 2014, in value of € 350! Action valid until 31.05.2015.

Go to to register for the conference and learn more about its programme.

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