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With TheIJC to drupa – for free!

with ijc to drupa for free

It is our pleasure to announce that all delegates at The Inkjet Conference 2015 will receive a free day ticket to drupa, the world’s no. 1 show for print and crossmedia solutions, held between 31st May and 10th June 2016. The tickets are donated by ESMA and will be distributed after TheIJC in the form of e-vouchers.
The partnership between drupa and ESMA led to drupa’s support of the first edition of The Inkjet Conference in 2014. This year the successful cooperation continues. “Inkjet is seen as a core enabling technology of digital printing and has grown into a multi-billion euro business in just the last few years. Featuring constant invention and innovation across a broad range of technological disciplines, ‘The Inkjet Conference’ is an opportunity to ensure printing equipment manufacturers will have access to the latest technology and knowhow before it will be introduced and highlighted at drupa 2016”, says Sabine Geldermann, Director of the drupa show.

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