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The Inkjet Conference 2015 - Inkjet Engineering and Inkjet Chemistry

logo TheIJCA record-breaking attendance of over 300 people at The Inkjet Conference 2014 makes this the largest event in the ESMA calendar and no wonder that there are plans to grow the event for 2015. Bringing together speakers from industry and research and delegates from equipment manufactures and brand owners results in an excitement as to what had been achieved with the technology and the future possibilities.

The profitability of digital manufacturing has touched many industries and as inkjet is enabled it is going to touch many more. Inkjet is not just another print process – it changes the production model and the business model. Its effects are far reaching and when properly integrated it changes the economics of business.

The Inkjet Conference covers the wide gamut of engineering and chemistry required to implement the technology: from analytical laboratory equipment for the formulation and analysis of ink; through the software, electronics and mechanics for the equipment manufacture; to the scientific research powering the future. 92% of attendees from 2014 have confirmed that they intend to participate in The Inkjet Conference 2015 with a further 3% indicating possible attendance.

The Inkjet Conference 2015 builds on the strength of the 2014 event. Feedback has indicated a strong demand for technical papers on inkjet engineering and inkjet chemistry and there is also a requirement for understanding of how digital technology impacts the whole production process.

The academic track will be strengthened by a scientific board. Representatives of the key industries will be available for peer review of papers and feedback and support on various topics.

To learn more about The Inkjet Conference 2015 and how we can assist you please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The website of the event:

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