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With ESMA to drupa 2016 – still available in halls 3 and 6

drupa horizontalIt’s less than 10 months to the start of drupa 2016 – world’s no. 1 show for print and cross media solutions. As a result of lasting cooperation we have been allocated two pavilions to be distributed among ESMA members. In the global pavilion for functional and industrial printing (hall 3) there are four islands of over 100 sqm each. The available area in hall 6, part of the “Innovation Path” theme at drupa 2016 , is 80 sqm in total – to be divided among interested parties.

Our offer includes the following package deals:

  • Lounge Member is the most affordable solution to mark your presence at drupa. You may receive and meet customers in the ESMA lounge which includes tables and catering. Your company name will be listed on the lounge walls and there is an option to be mentioned in drupa catalogue.
  • Advanced Lounge Member will have a stand of 6 sqm at their disposal, separated from the lounge. With your own location, table and chairs, you may also use the catering provided by ESMA. This package includes presence in drupa catalogue with specific stand number.

Next to the above options, we offer the traditional exhibition space from 12 sqm upwards. You may specify your own requirements and you have the freedom in the design of the stand. ESMA catering is an option here.

ESMA intends to work with one stand builder for the whole pavilion. We welcome requests and design requirements from all pavilion members and will implement them in consultation with the construction team.

In Hall 6, showcasing the innovation in printing (speciality print, printed electronics and others)and PEPSO (Printed Electronics Products and Solutions), ESMA offers either stands from 12 sqm upwards following shell scheme and PEPSO concept or customised design developed in consultation with the construction team.

Additional details and prices are available on request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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