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ESMA Academy for the first time in English

The third edition of the successful ESMA Academy “Industrial Digital Printing” will be held in English on 5-8th November 2018 at the laboratories of Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart.

ESMA Academy combines theory and hands on training in a lab environmentESMA Academy combines theory and hands on training in a lab environmentFollowing increasing requests from the participants, the four-day course on the theoretical and practical aspects of the piezo inkjet process and related topics such as inks, curing and colour management, is now offered in English. Organisers from ESMA, Fraunhofer IPA and Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart Media University) are building on the success of the two German editions which provided certified know-how to forty attendees from the DACH region.

The first alumni of the ESMA Academy praised the comprehensive curriculum with a good balance between theory and practice. For the upcoming edition, the programme remains unchanged and gives an overview of both technology and its applications. Theory blocks include piezo inkjet, inks and substrates, mechatronics and electronics of the printing systems. Practical sessions, held at work stations in the laboratories of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, include ink characterisation, determination of print parameters, drying and cleaning mechanisms, mechanics, fluidics and electronics, quality evaluation and colour management. After the successful completion of the course, each attendee receives a certificate.

ESMA Academy is targeted at companies who want to obtain a well-founded overview of digital printing technologies, in order to make educated decisions to what extend inkjet could be integrated into their production process. Course tutors are renowned industry and academia figures, experienced in transferring know-how, the pros and cons of digital processes.

For the detailed programme and registration please visit The next edition of ESMA Academy in German is scheduled for 1-4th April 2019.

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