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ESMA Academy’s first course on industrial digital printing

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA, Hochschule der Medien and with sponsorship support from Global Inkjet Systems, ESMA launches the brand new Academy project to offer basis know-how and certified hands-on training in industrial printing techniques. The first course is offered in German, focuses on inkjet and takes place on 3-6 July 2017 at Fraunhofer IPA facilities in Stuttgart.

ESMA Academy will take place at Fraunhofer IPA laboratoriesESMA Academy will take place at Fraunhofer IPA laboratories“When following our industry in their technology choices, their expansion to digital but also – the increasing specialisation in printing for manufacturing, we noticed a substantial need for highly skilled personnel”, says Peter Buttiens from ESMA. “By combining the expertise of our members and technology partners with the capacities of different research partners, we can now offer a professional curriculum to the printing community.”

ESMA Academy will offer a series of courses on both digital and screen printing, for various specialist applications. Manufacturer neutral, the course chairs discuss pros and cons, advantages and threats of each solution. Among the tutors are ESMA Members Jochen Christiaens and Oliver Kammann, as well as Prof. Stefan Güttler from Hochschule der Medien, Oliver Refle and Jessica Günthel from Fraunhofer IPA.

The first training provides an overview of inkjet technologies, especially piezo inkjet, to all who plan – or have just made – the step towards digital. Split in five blocks, the theory part thematises: printheads, characteristics of inks, substrates, pre-treatment and colour management, as well as the build-up of entire printing systems and an overview of other digital printing techniques. Hosted in the laboratories of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation (IPA), the practical tasks require from the participants to characterise different types of inks, determine their viscosity under different temperature and surface tensions. Further printing parameters such as wave form, impact of the substrate, printing speed, curing, drying, image quality and colour management are examined at the test stations, too. After a successful check of the obtained skills, each attendee receives a certificate.

The first ESMA Academy course takes place on 3-6 July 2017 and is offered in German language only. The lab capacity is limited to 21 participants. Course price is 1,890 EUR. You will find the detailed course agenda and an online registration form at

Upcoming ESMA Academy events will include trainings in other European countries on topics such as digital textile printing, printed electronics, and packaging. All member companies and academic partners are welcome to discuss their cooperation on specific courses.

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