New consultation released on the CLP Regulation

The European Commission has just launched a public consultation on the proposed revision to the CLP Regulation as a two-part questionnaire. The first section sets out general questions, with the second section focusing on technical aspects of the CLP Regulation “that requires prior knowledge and expertise.” 

The European Commission mention their plans for new hazard classes e.g. endocrine disruptors apparently willing to deviate from the globally harmonised system. The possibility of reducing the label content is also covered, with respondents asked to comment on what elements they think should remain on labels and what elements could be 'digitised' and possibly accessed from a smartphone or other device. This is in response to reports (particularly from consumers) that hazard labels are overcrowded and difficult to understand. 

For more information or to respond to the consultation, see:

ESMA's HSEP Committee will consider the points of the consultation in detail at the next meeting on 22nd October 2021.

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