Participants to DCP 2015 Witness the Great Potential of Direct Plastic Decoration

Over 120 attendees gathered in Düsseldorf for the premiere Direct Container Print conference to discover the value of screen and digital solutions for direct-to-shape print. Held on 23 and 24 November 2015, the ESMA event featured 17 presentations and laid solid grounds for the continuation of this well-received concept. Delegates and exhibitors actively discussed the implementation of new technologies and their impact on food and beverage, personal care, beauty and household packaging decoration markets.

DCP Live panel with industry expertsDCP Live panel with industry expertsDCP 2015 opened with the insights into a real case scenario of applying Krones DecoType technology for replacing the labelling machines directly at the bottler’s facilities. Now the bottler can and may become a printer himself, as it was heard in several other presentations, which also addressed the possible future conversion in the supply chain of the customer and the relocation of services. Delegates could witness the advances of digital printing to meet short run and customisation demands. “After tile, textile, label and 3D printing, direct decoration is the next big independent market for drop on demand inkjet which offers technical evolution and growth”, commented Sven Kerpe from Markem-Imaje.

Nevertheless, screen printing is “alive and well” as proven by the presentations of Sefar, SRS and Isimat who introduced their innovative InLine Foiling concept for metallic glossy effects. As long as quality remains the key to enter mass applications in such sectors as cosmetic packaging, the traditional print techniques or hybrid solutions have still a lot to offer.

Approaching the end-users requirements and the impact of customisation and premierisation trends became the topics of the live panel discussion on conference day two. Representatives of brands (SAB Miller), container (Albéa), machine (Polytype) and ink (Agfa, Marabu) manufacturers engaged into a lively dialogue with the audience, delivering a comprehensive perspective on all steps of the production and marketing process. The video of this special session is now available online at As an integral part of the packaging decoration, marketing and brand strategies were furthermore thoroughly explained in another keynote presentation by Gateway 3D.

Networking in the DCP tabletop areaNetworking in the DCP tabletop areaDirect Container Print 2015 showed the readiness of the packaging industry to embrace new opportunities in order to address the growing market and customer expectations. Technology shall use the next couple of years to reach the demands in terms of speed, personalisation and ultimate quality. “It has been a valuable niche conference which will surely grow a lot over the next couple of years. The topic will surge in its importance across industries, markets, and value chains”, as predicted by Peter Jenkner from Actega. By gathering the key players from both supplier and user ends, DCP has contributed to the foundation of new approaches in the plastic packaging sector. Their implementation in future and existing business models will follow very soon, so we are looking forward to the next conference in 2017.

Direct Container Print is organised by ESMA with the media support of “Specialist Printing Worldwide”.

For all those who have missed the first conference on the disruptive power of direct-to-shape printing, the presentation PDF’s are now available for purchase at


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